Power Resistor PWR-TR 2xx

PWR-TR 2XX Wire and Tube Resistor
PWR-TR 2XX Wire and Tube Resistor

Wire Tube Resistor up to 100 W PWR-TR 2xx

Cemented wire tube resistors are thermally optimised resistor designs with a broad spectrum of resistance values and performances. Diverse combination possibilities of the electrical properties, as well as multiple connection and assembly options make these resistors interesting for several applications of automation technology and in mechanical and systems engineering.


  • four pipe sizes always available
  • all designs are available as adjustable versions

Application as:

  • Braking resistors
  • Protective resistors
  • Starting resistors
  • Earthing resistances
  • Wiring resistors
  • Load resistances
  • Balancing resistors
  • Test resistors
  • Damping resistances
  • Precharge resistors

Application in:

  • Drive controls
  • Automation systems
  • Centrifuges
  • Elevators
  • Cable and chain hoists
  • Heat pumps
  • Machine tools
  • Pressing and punching, electric and hybrid vehicles

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