Joystick 3-axis analogue MJ-2K CP OM

Joystick MJ-2K CP OM analogue 3-axis
Joystick MJ-2K CP OM analogue 3-axis

Joystick 3-axis analog potentiometric MJ-2K CP OM

The 3-axis version of the MJ-2K series joystick with IP66 protection excels through its high-precision zero return. A special lamellar gaiter seal provides the required operating reliability even in rough environments. Analog sensors enable high-precision control at low power consumption. Galvanized isolated directional contacts provide reliable operation at construction sites, in robotics, in mechanical- and systems engineering, for construction equipment and marine applications.


Aerial work platforms, Radio remote controls, Forklift trucks, Hydraulics, Measuring machines, Medical technology (electronic wheelchair), Microscopy


  • Long service life
  • Space saving design
  • Very durable
  • Conductive plastic technology

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