High Voltage Resitor HVR 969

Hochspannungswiderstand HVR 969
Hochspannungswiderstand HVR 969

High Voltage Resitor HVR 969

Designed and manufactured by Metallux in thick-film technology the high voltage resistors of the series HVR 968 are extremly well-suited to measure and have axcelled in challenging and demanding tasks under very high voltages or for the use as protective high voltage resistors. Whether for high voltage pulses or for registering constant high voltages – Metallux High Voltage Resistors of the HVR 969 series offer the ideal and most cost efficient solution for all applications in high voltage engineering industry, energy transmission technology and-, insulation testing and traffic engineering industries.

  • Intrinsic safety
  • Pulse-proof
  • Low inductance
  • New: available standard products


  • High voltage divider
  • Measuring resistor (measuring resistor for use with high power and voltage in the area of ​​electron accelerators, for the area of ​​voltage converters in medium-voltage systems - energy transmission -, measuring resistor in HV generators for laser systems, in frequency converters for large companies)
  • Electrostatics,
  • protective resistance

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