High Voltage Resistor HPR 969

High Voltage Resistor HPR 969
High Voltage Resistor HPR 969

High voltage precision resistors HPR 969

This series of high voltage precision resistors produced by Metallux was designed to simultaneously handle high voltages whilest providing also anexcellent stability. The reliability and precision in recording measurement values are just some of the outstanding features of this type series. At the same time, the Metallux HPR 969 resistors also offer a high loading capacity, making them particularly well-suited for applications in energy transmission, electrostatics and as a protective resistors in electric drives.

  • High loading capacity
  • Good stability
  • Very low inductance


  • Medical technology
  • electron acceleration
  • high voltage measurement and testing technology (voltage limitation in electric filters)
  • capacitor discharge
  • battery management (voltage measurement in hybrid- and electric vehicles)
  • frequency converter
  • electrostatic

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