High Voltage Resistor HPR 967

High Voltage Resistor HPR 967
High Voltage Resistor HPR 967

High Voltage Precision Resistors HPR 967

High voltage precision resistors were developed specifically for high value measuring applications. The design provides outstanding features for implementation in devices were extreme high precision and most reliable functions are taken vor granted. Metallux HPR resistors offer the perfect solution for all applications in high voltage engineering, mass spectrometers and in high voltage network components. The medical technology also benefits to a great extent from the extensive know how and vast experience in the design and manufacture of High Voltage Resistors and Hich Voltage Precision Resistors which Metallux has successfully accumulated over the course of many years.

  • Flat shape
  • Compact design
  • Outstanding stability
  • Very low inductance
  • Minimal drift


  • Mass spectrometers
  • X-ray generators (measuring resistor in X-ray generators) high voltage measurement and testing technology → Application example
  • medical technology
  • defibrillators → Application example
  • controls for hybrid-and electric vehicles
  • voltage measurement (in battery systems of hybrid-and electric vehicles)

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